Disney Tickets with the No-Expiration option

The Disney Ticket No-Expiration option is probably the easiest part to understand in the whole ticket selection process.

When we described what the base Disney Ticket was, we explained that you can buy multiple days for the ticket that allows you entry to the four major Disney themeparks. At the current time it is possible to purchase between 1 an 10 days entry into the Disney parks.

The key thing to remember with the Magic Your Way ticket (MYW Ticket) is that it expires fourteen days after the first day of use. So if you buy a ten day MYW ticket but only manage to visit the Disney parks on five days of your vacation, the other five days will be left unusable.

Is buying the Disney Ticket with the No-Expiration option a good idea?

The current price of a five day base adult Disney ticket on the official DIsney site works out at $215 excluding taxes. A ten day adult MYW ticket with the no-expiration option added is $405. So if you were doing two vacations you could use five days for each vacation and save $25 at the current price.

The price of tickets also go up annually, but you’d have to work out whether or not it’d make more sense just to put the money in the bank instead of buying the extra days with the no-expiration option.