Should you buy Disney Park Hopper Tickets?

One of the most popular additions to the Disney Magic Your Way Ticket (MYW Ticket) is the Hopper Ticket option. The question is, should you buy the Hopper option in addition to the standard Disney base theme park ticket. We first have to consider what the Hopper option gives you in addition the the MYW ticket.

What is the Disney Hopper Ticket?

Well, it’s not a ticket really, but a paid addition to the standard ticket. The Hopper Ticket option allows you to visit more than one of the Disney World theme parks on any given day, but only use up one days admission on your ticket. So you can move freely around Disney World, visiting the main attractions as your time permits.

Why would I want to add the Hopper option to my ticket?

The Hopper ticket really gives you a lot more flexibility when choosing what to do when visiting Disney World.

If you’ve read the information on the Magic Your Way Base ticket, you’ll remember that it allows you to visit one park per day on your ticket. So if you buy a three day ticket you can visit three of the Disney parks. So being that there are four Disney World theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom). So to see all the theme parks you’d need to buy at least a 4 day MYW base ticket. With the addition of the Hopper option, you could visit all four of the Disney parks if time permitted.

So, I can see your thinking, If I’ve been to a theme park from early morning, why would I possibly want to start hopping around the other Disney World parks? Well, you’d be suprised.

Consider this scenario. I decide to go to Magic Kingdom, but I’ve also arranged an ADR at Le Cellier so I can watch the fireworks that evening. The Hopper option allows you to do this and I’ve only used one day on my ticket.

When shouldn’t I buy the Disney Hopper Ticket Option?

If you plan on visiting one park per day and you’re purchasing enough days on your ticket to do everything you want, then don’t bother with the Hopper option.