Buying your tickets to Disney World

As well as being a number of Disney tickets avaialable to purchase, there’s also many different place you can buy them from. Here’s some info on places to consider when looking to buy.

Should you buy your tickets from the theme park gate?

Obviously the most reputable vendor of any tickets for Disney World is from the official vendor. You can purchase your Disney tickets at any of the Disney park gates and resorts. If you are buying a single day ticket, I would suggest that this is the best option. Some ticket brokers do allow you to purchase one-day tickets, but they are no cheaper than at the gate (and sometimes are actually more expensive).

The downside to buying at the gate is that you’ll have to line up to purchase your ticket prior to getting into the park, which isn’t so bad if you’re travelling during an off-peak period, but during the summer months you may have quite a wait at the ticket booth.

The other major negative, is that you can save quite a few dollars by purchasing from reputable Disney World Ticket brokers, many of which have an on-line presence.

Should you buy your tickets from Disney World Ticket Brokers?

Whenever I’ve purchased my tickets I’ve always had the tickets in my hand prior to getting to Orlando. The major reason I have done this is so I have the tickets taken care of prior to arriving in Disney World and I can hit the parks without having to worry about purchasing them when I get there.

I also like to save a few dollars on my tickets if possible and one of the easiest ways to do this is to purchase from a “reputable” ticket company. Check if the company you are buying tickets from are an authorized seller of Disney tickets and have a look on the web for recommendations of the company.

I’d also keep an eye on the website url. For example, I wouldn’t be inclined to buy my tickets from for two reasons. One is that companies that are authorized to sell Disney tickets cannot have the word “Disney” in the site url. The other is that site is from Romania, and no disrespect to Romanian’s, but I’d expect you’d find it difficult to get a refund from a company in that country if you did have problems.

In any event, I’d always purchase my tickets using a credit card.

So how much could I save on my tickets?

Let’s be fair, the savings to be made aren’t astronomical but you can save a few dollars. I’ve just done a quick comparison of the gate price for a five day Disney Hopper Ticket and the price of the same ticket from an established ticket broker. The prices including tax were as follows.

Disney gate price = $276.90
Online = $267.00

So this gives a saving of $9.90 per ticket, so for a family of four that should just about get you a counter service meal for each of you or at least should cover a couple of days parking costs.

Should I buy my cheap Disney Tickets from EBay?

There’s plenty of ads on EBay selling part used Disney tickets. I urge you NOT to buy these. For one, you have to take the word of the seller that there are actual days left on the ticket. The other is that on entry to the park, you have to use the Finger Scan system. This ties the ticket to the person that originally used it.