Demystifying Disney World Tickets

Unfortunately visiting Disney World can be an expensive option for many families. Before you even manage to set foot into the theme parks you’ll need to get your hands on those tickets. With one of the biggest outlays for your vacation being the purchase of your Disney World Tickets. With the theme park tickets easily running into excess of $1000 for a family of four visiting Disney World for a few days, you need advice into what tickets you will need during your visit to Orlando.

Cost isn’t the only complication when it comes to visiting the mouse. The number of different tickets and variations can also be bewildering with terms such as “Magic Your Way Tickets”, Premium and Disney Hopper tickets just a couple of terms that you may have heard of. You can also get “bolt-on” options for access to the Disney water parks, or pay extra to ensure any unused days you may not use don’t expire.

What Disney World Tickets are available?

There’s full detail throughout the site on the various ticket types you can buy, but we’ll quickly give a run-down of the ticket options currently available. For more information please click on real estate lawyer.

Magic Your Way Ticket?

The “Magic Your Way Ticket” was formerly known as the Disney Base Ticket. You choose the number of days you want to visit the Disney parks and then add the other options described below. The Magic Your Way Ticket allows you entrance into one of the four main Disney World theme parks. For more information on the Magic Your Way Tickets follow the link.

What is the Hopper option?

If you add the Hopper option to your ticket you can visit more that one of the four theme parks in one day. For example, if you visit Epcot and Magic Kingdom in one day, this will only count as one days use of your ticket. To read more about the Disney Hopper Ticket follow the link.

What is the Waterpark Fun and More Option?

The Fun and More Option allows you access to other Disney World attractions

What is the no Expiration Option?

The No Expiration Option is another addition to the base Disney Ticket. Essentially if you go for this option, any unused days on your Disney theme park tickets could be used on another vacation. To read more about Disney Tickets with no Expiration follow the link.

Where should I buy my Disney World Tickets from?

Buy your tickets at the gate - Typically the option used for people only visiting one park, or who haven’t properly prepared for an advance purchase. Read where to buy Disney Tickets for more information on where to get hold of your tickets reliably.

Where should I avoid when purchasing my tickets for Disney World?

The old addage of “if it’s too good to be true” holds for many things. You may be able to get hopper tickets on Ebay with four days left, but I’d advise you never to be tempted by the cheap offers. For more information on where to buy disney tickets, follow the link.